How I Stay Organized

One of the number one questions I get is how do I stay organized.  Annnddd, how have I stayed organized during the pandemic?

In this blog, I’m breaking it all down for you.

One thing to note is COVID-19 has really helped me figure out the systems I truly love and those that I need to ditch. So, thanks COVID for helping this gal figure out her best methods.


When I get a new contract, I immediately print it off and place it in the proper folder. (You’re going to quickly find out that I L O V E folders.)

Within these folders are calendars that correspond to the months listed on the outside of the folder. I write the couples name and wedding date on these for easy reference.

I also have what I call Contact Log Forms. Each couple has their own log form where I keep up with calls, emails and texts that have been had. I like to include notes with each so I don’t miss a beat.

If a couple has booked my design or full-planning package, they receive their own folder. Why? Because within their folder I keep extensive notes from our meetings, floorplans, mood boards, etc. Yes, each design and full-planning couple receives a personalized Google Drive folder for planning. BUT I’m a pen and paper kinda gal so I like to print most of the important details and include them with their designated folder.


I really do love my calendars and I like to have wedding dates listed in multiple places. (This step is truly thanks to COVID.)

Not only do I write the date in my physical planner, but I add the date to the calendar that is within the specific contract folder AND add the wedding date to my Google Calendar. My Google Calendar is shared with Ryan so he always knows what weekends he’ll be taking care of Lincoln by himself.

It may seem like overkill to have three different places to put wedding dates, but trust me, you can never have dates in enough places. With COVID I’ve been triple checking every new wedding date inquiry because I fear I’m going to double book. My system helps me eliminate that fear!

You’ll also notice that within my physical planner I love colored pens! I try to always have three color pens on hand… Blue for wedding related items, Pink for consulting items, and purple for family related items.

Then, for the week-by-week calendar I go into more specific details about the item that’s listed within the monthly calendar. For weddings, more specific details include couples name, location of ceremony and reception and time of ceremony. I also like to include the address if it’s a venue that I haven’t worked at before!


Once I have properly placed the contract in the correct folder and entered the wedding date on my three date locations, I go to my checklist for the specific package booked by a couple.

My design and full-planning couples receive an exclusive Google folder tailored to their wedding date. Plus, I send them an intake questionnaire that allows me to get to know them and more about their wedding vision.

For my Essential package couples, I send them an intake questionnaire and a PDF wedding guidebook that I put together specifically for my couples who are doing the planning on their own.

I make sure that based on the corresponding checklist, I have completed everything that needs to be sent (i.e. contract, scheduled future invoices, sent questionnaire, guidebook, etc.).

I do like to print the checklist for each couple and I usually put it with their contract so I can easily refer back to it and verify when things were sent or setup.


I have the following filing folders within my system…

SW Contracts – These are contracts that I have entered (i.e. wedding show contracts, advertising contracts, etc.).

Postponement Contracts – Once a couple postponed their wedding, I put their original contract in this file folder. The email or new contract that had been signed then replaces their contract in the proper folder.

Cancelled Contracts – This is just as it reads, I put all cancelled contracts in this folder.

Completed – This folder is where I put past wedding contracts. I like to keep them by year so if you were to look further into my filing system, you’d see Completed 2020, Completed 2019, and so on.

Taxes – I have a folder for any receipts that I’m able to count on taxes. I like to print online invoices and also include them in this folder too. Tax season has been a bear in the past because I made the rookie mistake of not keeping up with things one year. Yeah, ain’t gonna let that happen again! (And, just a pro tip for those who are wanting to start your own biz… talk to a CPA first!)

That’s a wrap!

So there you have it… a quick glimpse into how I stay organized.